FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 | Paccar MX-13 Fuel Filter | FleetRun FR-FLTR781


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-FLTR781

Cross Reference Part Number

  • FleetGuard: FS36401
  • Paccar: K37-1004
  • Donaldson: P557004 / P557009 (30 micron)


    • Largest Outside Diameter: 4.12 in.
    • Length: 7.22 in.
    • Overall Length: 7.46 in.
    • 10 Micron 99% Efficiency
    • High Efficiency Media
    • Includes O-ring
    • Cartridge Style
    • Fits Paccar MX-13, Cummins ISX, Cummins X12 & Cummins X15 Engines

    Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

    Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

     FleetGuard FS36401 | Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter

    Enhance Fuel Efficiency with the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter - Now with Free Shipping!

    Optimal Engine Performance: When it comes to your commercial vehicle's engine, clean and efficient fuel is crucial. Trust in the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter, now available from FleetRun. Designed for Paccar MX-13, Cummins ISX, Cummins X12, and Cummins X15 engines, this fuel filter ensures your engine runs at its best.

    Key Features:

    • High Efficiency Media: The FleetGuard FS36401 boasts high-efficiency media that captures 99% of particles down to 10 microns, ensuring clean fuel reaches your engine. This translates to improved fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear.

    • Complete Kit: Each filter comes with an O-ring and features a convenient cartridge style for easy installation. It's a hassle-free solution to enhance your engine's performance.

    • OEM Quality: We strive provide OEM quality fuel filters, guaranteeing reliable performance and durability. Don't compromise on your truck's engine - choose quality you can trust.

    • Free Shipping: Enjoy the added benefit of free shipping when you order the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter from FleetRun. Elevate your vehicle's performance without extra costs.

    Compatibility: This fuel filter fits various truck brands, including Peterbilt & Kenworth. Ensure your commercial vehicle's engine operates efficiently and reliably.

    Enhance Your Engine's Efficiency: Upgrade your engine's fuel filtration system with the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter and experience improved fuel efficiency, enhanced engine performance, and peace of mind on the road.

    FleetRun offers quality aftermarket replacement parts to keep your semi-truck operating at its best. Invest in the reliability and performance of your commercial vehicle with the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter.

    Don't compromise on your engine's performance. Upgrade with confidence - order the FleetGuard FS36401 - Paccar K37-1004 Fuel Filter today and experience the difference in your truck's operation!


    • Paccar MX-13
    • Cummins ISX
    • Cummins X12
    • Cummins X15
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