11 Accessories You Should Always Have in Your Semi-Truck

11 Accessories You Should Always Have in Your Semi-Truck

A ready-for-road semi truck isn’t all about having a working engine, well-conditioned tires, or functioning brakes. While these are vital parts of your truck’s performance and safety, the little things matter too. You wouldn’t want to be always looking for road signs to get to your destination, right? That’s why you need a GPS. The sun is beating down on your eyes? A pair of sunglasses will come in handy. You get the idea. Here is a list of 11 accessories you must have in your truck at all times.


1. GPS Navigation System

A GPS navigation system is an essential accessory for all truck drivers. It is a game-changer for avoiding traffic congestion and saving time and fuel. There are GPS specifically for truck drivers that include information on weight restrictions, low bridges, or other risks that may affect them. Consider purchasing a high-quality system such as the Garmin Drive 53, as it is one of the most efficient GPS navigation systems for truckers.


2. Dash Cam

A dash cam is a must for all truck drivers. You wouldn’t want to be involved in an accident without one. It records important footage of the road that can serve as evidence against false claims in accidents. A great dash cam would be the Rove R2.


3. LED Headlights

LED headlights are much more qualitative than the regular headlights trucks come with. They provide better visibility and energy efficiency, and they will also last you longer than the regular variant. 


4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining your tire pressure level to proper standards is important to avoid early wear, increased fuel consumption, and reduced traction. An easy fix would be installing a tire pressure monitoring system that will accurately track the tire pressure and temperature at all times. The TST 507 is a great investment if you’re serious about your tire health.


5. Cooler/Mini-Fridge

Having to consistently buy food from gas stations may run you thin on cash, and sometimes you may not even have the time to stop for a snack. That is why having a mini-fridge in your truck is so important. Being able to buy food in advance and store it will make sure your eating schedule is consistent and your wallet doesn’t hurt.


6. Inverter

An inverter converts the semi-truck DC power into AC power, making it possible to use and charge electronics in the truck. The TVNIKD Inverter is a great option, providing a constant 2500W of power, having three AC outlets, and being equipped with 3 powerful fans for fast heat dissipation.


7. Tool Box

Having a toolbox with basic tools is a must when you are on the road. If your truck breaks down, you will have the means to fix it, or at least repair it until you can get to a repair shop. You can find a good one here.


8. High-quality mattress

Sometimes you may be too focused on keeping the wheels turning, but you’re a human after all, and you also need sleep. After spending over 10 hours driving you will desperately need a good sleep to keep you at full capacity for tomorrow. The perfect mattress depends on your truck’s bed size, but you can find good options here.


9. Leather gloves

Now you may ask yourself: “Why would I need leather gloves?”. While keeping your hands on the steering wheel doesn’t require leather gloves, about 80% of the work in trucking happens when you hitch and unhitch, load up, fix problems, or do maintenance in general. In these cases, gloves will come in handy.


10. Flashlight

A flashlight is an underestimated and surely indispensable item. If your truck breaks down at night, you will need a powerful flashlight to help you get the truck fixed and put you back on the road as soon as possible.


11. Inflator Kit

The last thing you’d want is to be left in the middle of the road with a deflated tire. An inflator kit is an absolute must for any trucker who’s serious about his work. You can get a great kit here.

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