How to drain DEF tank on Volvo truck?

  1. Place a drain pan / container capable of containing around 18 gallons (or if your able, perform this procedure when your DEF tank is about ¼ full, therefore not requiring you to drain so much DEF) underneath the DEF tank

  2. Unscrew the drain plug on the bottom of the DEF tank, there is only one bolts in the tank itself and the metal housing has a cut out specifically for the plug

  3. Drain the DEF and tighten the plug back up

If you're looking for a DEF filter to replace along with draining & flushing the DEF tank, check out our DEF filter kit: DEF Filter Kit ~ Diesel Exhaust Fluid | Volvo / Freightliner / Kenworth / Peterbilt | Volvo 23381562 ~ Cummins 5303604 ~ Paccar 2014774PE | FleetRun FR-AFTR876

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