How do you do a regen on a Volvo VN / VNL?

Assuming you have a Volvo D13 engine, the parked regeneration function can be activated from the driver's seat, using the steering wheel buttons / stalk navigating through the instrument cluster menus. It also depends on the year of your Volvo truck due to steering wheel and instrument cluster variations.

Years 2008-2018

  1. If the necessary parameters have been met, such as: coolant temperature above 150°F, parking brake set, transmission in neutral, cruise control off, soot level at or above the threshold required for regen activation or a fault code related to the exhaust aftertreatment system (aka EATs), it may not activate, requiring you to try at another time.

  2. This will all be done using the stalk on the right hand side of your steering wheel

  3. Press the ESC button to access the main menu

  4. Press the UP/DOWN button on the end of the stalk until you find the “Aftertreatment” menu and press the ↳ button

  5. Scroll using the UP/DOWN button until you find “REQUEST PARKED REGEN” and press the ↳ button

  6. Once the parked regen is completed, the RPMs will come down and and the “REGEN IN PROGRESS” message will disappear, there will be a high exhaust temperature symbol left on the dash, leave the truck running for about 5 minutes to allow the exhaust system to cool off properly

  • A parked regen normally takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, if in the case you need to end or cancel the parked regen, you can press the brake or accelerator pedals, cruise control button or release the parking brake (if it’s safe to do so)

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