Hidden Problems We Solve

FleetRun was created in response to some of the painful and unattended aspects of the trucking and heavy duty repair industry, specifically tailored to all members of our industry; from single owner operators to large fleets and from DIY repairs to full service repair shops. We deliver parts to your door and can help with all makes and models of heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Our goal is to provide a level of customer service support that's similar to having a team of employees working for you, to make the process of finding, verifying and buying the parts you need as simple and stress free as possible. One example of this is: our trained in-house customer support staff that's here 7 days a week for you. To help with things like finding the parts you need whether you see them on our website or not, help identifying a part or help with any questions that we can answer if your truck breaks down. 

Our team was formed from different areas of trucking and heavy duty repair, such as fleet ownership, truck / trailer repair shop management, parts sales and fleet management. From our years in the industry we began to see the same problems when it came to buying parts and truck repairs. Please verify if any of these seem familiar:

  • paying too much for (especially brand name) parts that just don't last as long as their price tag calls for, mainly due to local demand and parts shortages
  • long trips to the truck / trailer parts dealer / store, spending hours of yours or a paid employees to buy parts, sometimes that may not even be in stock
  • wasting long periods of time in line or on hold on the phone to get information about the parts you need
  • waiting for parts to get delivered for 3-4 weeks after being ordered, due to low stock from other stores or being told that their is no ETA due to national shortages
  • truck / trailer parts dealer / store employees not going the extra mile to help you find the parts you need, when the parts they stock are not available
  • not enough assistance to guide you to the parts you need or unclear navigation / search methods so you can find your own parts
  • having a hard time understanding / communicating with parts salesmen or repair shop employees
  • limited or unclear information such as: descriptions, photos etc. of the parts you are searching for
  • trouble finding confirmation if the part you are buying will fit your truck / trailer, due to unclear information or lack of customer support
  • having a hard time identifying parts without an identification tool to help you
  • paying for expensive bills for parts to fix your truck / trailer up front all at once, before you can get back on the road

We aim to do what we can to make these areas of the parts buying experience less painful through the resources we offer, here are some of our solutions:

  • we offer our own FleetRun brand of quality parts, that may be equal to or better than OEM brands in quality, but are listed for competitively low prices
  • we deliver our quality parts (that are manufactured by our team), to your door or even your breakdown location whether it's a truck stop, repair shop, rest area etc. Made to fit your standards with a variety of shipping speeds that can be found at checkout, saving you time and money in driving or waiting in line when you buy parts somewhere else
  • we provide quick and easy search / parts look up tools on our website to simplify and speed up the parts buying process with features such as: year, make / model & engine search filter, a smart search database that recognizes your part numbers, descriptions or key words, EVEN allowing you to search with pictures of your parts. Also, our parts description pages contain very detailed information about your parts to confirm things like part number cross reference from other brands, dimensions, and other detailed info. We also insist that you utilize our call-in-by-VIN feature to speak with a customer support staff member, but more on this below
  • to compliment our website features, we'd like to pair the utility of the website along with the hospitality of a real person that can answer any questions you might have regarding your parts search. Our customer support staff is working 7 days a week to help you find the parts you need EVEN if you don't seem to find them on our website, we would also appreciate it if you call us with your VIN number to confirm part fitment, questions regarding a parts operation or function or something as simple as consulting with us about a part or symptom your having. We can better assist you through video call, phone call or text in the "Chat With Us" button on the bottom right.
  • we have multiple warehouses around the US and we keep a large inventory of parts to do our very best to keep the parts you need in stock, from common things like bumpers to parts like gaskets and sensors
  • we offer financing plans in the form of monthly payment options for your parts total at checkout, so you can get your truck / trailer back on the road without having to break the bank before. This allows you to be less stressed and keep your business rolling on
  • we offer a translation to multiple languages on our website and over the phone with customer service support

 To sum all of this up, what keeps our engines running is simple:

1. delivery quality parts to your door in a time frame that meets your standards for a fair price

2. offering a level of customer service (for no cost other than the price of your parts at checkout), that makes you wonder if you really do have an additional employee working for you to ensure that your Fleet Runs smoothly