How do you reset the code on a Volvo VNL?

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This is a feature that can only be done on 2004-2012 models of the VNL truck with Volvo D12 or Volvo D13 engines. If you have a truck that was made in one of those years with one of those engine configurations, this is how to reset a code or codes from your instrument cluster menu:

  1. This will all be done using the stalk on the right hand side of your steering wheel

  2. Press the ESC button to access the main menu

  3. Press the UP/DOWN button on the end of the stalk until you find the “Diagnostics” menu and press the ↳ button

  4. Scroll using the UP/DOWN button until you find the Module you would like to access and press the  ↳ button

  5. Scroll through the code or codes with the DOWN button and once you reach the end, it will prompt you with steps on how to clear ALL FAULT CODES, it may require a PIN which usually is 0000

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Henry Zamora

The problem with my is a 2005 NVL D12 is that is not reading the code wish is crank sensor wish i change twice But it will NOT crank if i dont erase the code!!! But now no matter what i do to it is not going to the code…it said something like operation in process plase wait and fail… ill repeat it multiple times and keep failing to read the code…

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