3 in 1 ABS Power Cord and Air Hose Assembly - 15ft | FleetRun FR-BRKE287


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-BRKE287


    • Length: 15ft.
    • Fully ABS Compatible
    • Swivel End Fittings
    • Large Easy Grip Handles Color Coded For Gladhands
    • Cold Weather Kink Resistant
    • Spiral Wrapped For Clean Look
    • Includes Hanger Bracket Mounting Assembly For Easy Suspension
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    • 1 ~ Electrical / ABS Cable  ~ 15ft. 
    • 1 ~ 15ft. Rubber Air Hose ~ 0.375 in. Inner Diameter ~ 0.50 in. Pipe Thread Swivel End Fittings ~ Blue
    • 1 ~ 15ft. Rubber Air Hose ~ 0.375 in. Inner Diameter ~ 0.50 in. Pipe Thread Swivel End Fittings ~ Red
    • 1 ~ 15ft. Plastic Coil Wrap
    • 1 ~ Hanger Clamp Style Hose Mounting Bracket

    3 in 1 ABS Power Cord and Air Hose Assembly - 15ft | Upgrade Your Trailer's Performance!

    Enhance the efficiency and safety of your heavy-duty truck and trailer with our top-of-the-line 3 in 1 ABS Power Cord and Air Hose Assembly. Engineered for excellence and fully ABS compatible, this assembly includes a trailer air supply (red) hose, 1 service brake (blue) hose, and 1 electrical/power cable, making it a comprehensive solution for your lighting and ABS system needs.

    Why Choose Our 3 in 1 ABS Power Cord and Air Hose Assembly?

    Fully ABS Compatible: Designed to meet the highest industry standards, this assembly ensures seamless integration with your ABS system, providing precise control and responsive braking for maximum safety on the road. Premium Quality: Crafted with durability in mind, this assembly is built to withstand tough conditions, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. The spiral wrap design not only offers a clean and organized look but also protects the hoses and cable from kinks, abrasions, and other damage. Ease of Use: The assembly's swivel end fittings and large easy-grip handles, color-coded for glad hands, make installation and connection a breeze. Additionally, the included hanger bracket mounting assembly allows for easy suspension, keeping your hoses and cable securely in place. Cold Weather Resistant: Engineered with cold weather in mind, our assembly remains flexible and kink-resistant, ensuring consistent performance even in freezing temperatures. Upgrade Your Trailer Today!

    Don't compromise on safety and functionality - upgrade your trailer with our 3 in 1 ABS Power Cord and Air Hose Assembly. With a length of 15ft, it provides ample reach and flexibility for your truck and trailer setup.

    Suitable for Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Mack, Volvo, and other popular brands, this assembly is a perfect fit for various heavy-duty trucks. Experience the benefits of a reliable OEM quality assembly without the hefty price tag.

    Order now and enjoy the convenience of a complete solution for your ABS, lighting, and air brake system. With FREE SHIPPING and exceptional performance, you can trust FleetRun for your truck and trailer needs.

    Note: Ensure compatibility and proper installation for your specific truck model and ABS system.

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    • Universal across all years, makes and models

    What material are the air hoses made of?

    The air hoses are made of heavy duty rubber and have swivel fittings for ease of installation