85151094 | Mack MP8 Turbo | Holset HE451VG Reman | FleetRun FR-ENGN-51094


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-ENGN-51094

Cross Reference Part Number

  • Mack: 85151094 / 85021417 / 85020014 / 85021417 / 85021418 / 85124588 / 85128133 / 85136184 / 85141060 / 85141063 / 85141857 / 85026018


  • Mack: 22880308 / 22001084 / 21468131 / 21559602 / 21559603 / 21559604

    Kit Breakdown


    • $800 REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE WILL BE APPLIED AT CHECKOUT (please read core return policy)
    • Fits 2008-2023+ Volvo D13 & Mack MP8 Engines With Holset HE451VG Turbo Models
    • Remanufactured turbochargers are ONLY OEM; no aftermarket alternatives are utilized
    • Assembled, Calibrated & Tested With State Of The Art Equipment
    • Balance Calibration: YES  (balancing report comes with the unit)
    • Oil & Intake / Exhaust Leakage Test: PASSED
    • VGT Calibration: YES
    • VGT Included

    Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

    Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

     Mack MP8 Turbo | 85021417

    Upgrade Your Mack MP8 Engine with the Remanufactured 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo - FREE SHIPPING Included!

    Give your Mack MP8 engine a performance boost with the Remanufactured 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo, now available from FleetRun. This turbocharger is meticulously remanufactured in the USA to meet or exceed OEM specifications, ensuring optimal performance for your commercial vehicle.

    Key Features:

    • Mack MP8 Turbo Upgrade: The 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo is designed specifically for Mack MP8 engines, providing enhanced power and efficiency. It's the perfect upgrade for your Volvo VNL or any semi-truck equipped with a Mack MP8 engine.

    • Remanufactured in the USA: These remanufactured turbochargers are proudly assembled, calibrated, and tested in the USA. We adhere to the highest standards, ensuring that you receive a turbocharger of exceptional quality.

    • FREE SHIPPING: For a limited time, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on the Remanufactured 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo. Take advantage of this offer to boost your engine's performance while saving on shipping costs.

    • Complete Turbocharger Assembly: The package includes everything you need for a seamless installation, including the remanufactured turbocharger assembly, VGT actuator, VGT actuator installation kit, and a turbo speed sensor.

    • State-of-the-Art Remanufacturing Process: The remanufacturing process includes balance calibration, oil and intake/exhaust leakage tests, and VGT calibration. Each turbocharger is meticulously assembled and tested with state-of-the-art equipment.

    • Compatibility: The 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo is compatible with 2008-2023+ Volvo D13 and Mack MP8 engines equipped with Holset HE451VG Turbo models.

    Remanufactured turbochargers are ONLY OEM; no aftermarket alternatives are utilized. Upgrade your Mack MP8 engine with confidence. Order the Remanufactured 85021417 Holset HE451VG Turbo now and experience the benefits of a precision-engineered, high-quality turbocharger.

    Partial Credit

    • Disassembled units
    • Missing or damaged wastegate, actuators/electronic controller devices, manifolds, sensors, turbine, and compressor housing

    Ineligible Core (no refund)

    • Broken housing
    • Non-rebuildable (lost or broken shaft and wheels)


    All cores must be complete units and in “off engine condition” with no cannibalization of parts, fire damage, seized units, completely rusted external or internal, or damaged by an external force

    Cores must be packaged in suitable containers to avoid damage during shipment

    Cores must be returned in undamaged conditions, if damage occurs during shipping, due to poor packaging, or other reasons we reserve the right to prorate or forfeit core refund at our discretion

    Cores must include the speed sensor, temperature sensor & VGT actuator (if applicable to purchase)

    Cores must be returned in 30 days in order to collect full core credit

    FleetRun Truck Parts LLC reserves the right to deny credit based on the above criteria

    If you are unsure or have questions about returning your core please contact our customer service team before shipping


    • Mack MP8


    • 2008-2023+ Mack Pinnacle
    • 2008-2023+ Mack Granite
    • 2017-2023+ Mack Anthem
    • 6 Months or 50,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
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