Clutch Install Kit | Eaton Fuller K-4124 | Freightliner Volvo Peterbilt Kenworth | FleetRun FR-DVTN302


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-DVTN302

Cross Reference Part Number

  • Eaton Fuller: K-4124
  • PAI: 900662
  • Freightliner / Alliance: ABP N25 K4124


    • Compatible with Eaton Fuller FR Series 10 Speed Transmissions with a hydraulic clutch fork and 2.00 inch hinged clutch brake
    • Input Shaft Teeth Quantity: 26
    • Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 10
    • Input Shaft Diameter: 2.00 inches
    • Input Shaft Pilot End Diameter: 1.18 inches
    • Clutch Brake Type: 2 Piece
    • Clutch Release Fork Mounting Bolt Hole Quantity: 2
    • Pilot Bearing Inside Diameter: 1.18 inches
    • Pilot Bearing Outside Diameter: 2.83 inches
    • Front Bearing Cover Bolt Hole Quantity: 6
    • Input Bearing Inside Diameter: 2.36 inches
    • Input Bearing Outside Diameter: 4.33 inches
    • Clutch Brake Inside Diameter: 2.00 inches
    • Clutch Brake Thickness: 0.38 inches
    • Clutch Fork Bolt Thread Type: M12x1.24x40

    Kit Breakdown

    • 1x - Input Shaft | Eaton Fuller S-2822 - FeetRun FR-DVTN911
    • 1x - Snap Ring | Eaton Fuller 4303362 - FleetRun FR-DVTN948
    • 1x - Snap Ring | Eaton Fuller 16980 - FleetRun FR-DVTN063
    • 1x - Front Bearing Cover | Eaton Fuller 20550 - FleetRun FR-DVTN312
    • 1x - Pilot Bearing | Eaton Fuller 5566505 - FleetRun FR-DVTN421
    • 1x - Cylindrical Ball Bearing | Eaton Fuller 4301417 - FleetRun FR-DVTN966
    • 1x - Clutch Brake | Eaton Fuller 85541 - FleetRun FR-DVTN475
    • 1x - Clutch Release Fork | Eaton Fuller A-7786 - FleetRun FR-DVTN823
    • 1x - Gasket Kit | Eaton Fuller K-3453 - FleetRun FR-DVTN330
    • 2x - Hex Screw/Washer Assembly M12x1.24x40 | Eaton Fuller X-7C-1202M - FleetRun FR-DVTN399

    Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

    Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

    Looking for a reliable clutch installation kit for your semi truck's Eaton Fuller RT Series manual transmission? Look no further than FleetRun FR-DVTN302! Our kit includes everything you need for a smooth installation, replacing the OEM Eaton Fuller K-4124 clutch installation kit.

    Compatible with Eaton Fuller FR series transmissions with a hydraulic clutch fork and 2.00 inch hinged clutch brake, this clutch installation kit is the perfect choice for Volvo, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and International big rigs.

    Our clutch installation kit includes a variety of high-quality parts, including an input shaft, snap rings, front bearing cover, pilot bearing, cylindrical ball bearing, clutch brake, clutch release fork, clutch housing gasket, and a gasket kit. Our advanced shift tower and clutch housing gaskets with beaded surface eliminate leak paths, ensuring a smoother shifting experience, along with a bearing cover engineered to extend the life of the internals and for smoother shifts.

    Our newly engineered front bearing cover includes oil return grooves to ensure optimal lubrication for the input shaft, resulting in a smoother clutch brake surface. Our mechanical clutch fork kits incorporate cross shaft bushings to increase quantity of parts in the kit and improve the life and wear of your clutch.

    Don't settle for a subpar clutch installation kit - choose FleetRun FR-DVTN302 for a top-notch installation every time. And if you're looking for other clutch assemblies, we've got you covered with our heavy-duty options like the Eaton 108925-20AM/308925-20 and more. Visit our Shop Talk page for tips and troubleshooting from our expert technicians and shops.

    Order now and experience the difference that FleetRun quality can make for your semi truck.

    • Revolutionary Shaft Design to Eliminate Gear Rattle

    • Advanced Shift Tower and Clutch Housing Gaskets with Beaded Surfaces to Eliminate Leakage

    • Incorporates Newly Engineered Front Bearing Cover for a Smoother Clutch Brake Surface with Input Shaft Oil Return Grooves to Ensure Optimal Lubrication

    • Each Kit includes a Long-Lasting High-Temperature Flywheel Pilot Bearing featuring Viton™ Seals for Enhanced Durability

    • 023-002-043
    • For other information such as tips and tricks or troubleshooting from technicians and shops visit our Shop Talk page from our menu