Detroit DT12 Clutch Actuator | Detroit A0032509715 / A0032502115 | FleetRun FR-DVTN821


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-DVTN821

Cross Reference Part Number

  • Detroit Diesel: A0032509715 / A0032502115
  • Eaton: K-451CL


    • Central Slave Cylinder Clutch Actuator For Detroit DT12 Transmission
    • Fits 2013-2023+ Freightliner Cascadia and more (see models below)
    • 3 Mounting Bolt Holes
    • 4 Pin Square Locking Electrical Connector For Clutch Cylinder Solenoid
    • Air Supply On The Back Side

    Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

    Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

    Clutch Actuator | Detroit DT12 | A0032509715 & A0032502115

    Our clutch actuator cylinder is an essential component for the smooth operation of your semi truck's clutch system. It is designed to fit perfectly with the Freightliner Cascadia or other models containing the Detroit DT12 Automated Transmission, all of which are known for their exceptional performance and reliability. It is also compatible with the Detroit DD13, Detroit DD15 and Detroit DD16 engines, making it an excellent choice for any driver looking for optimal performance and durability.

    Our clutch actuator cylinder is specifically designed to work in unison with the Detroit DT12 clutch, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your semi truck. With compatible part numbers including Detroit Diesel A0032509715, A0032502115, and Eaton K-451CL, you can trust that our product is made with the highest quality materials and designed to withstand even the toughest conditions on the road.

    One common problem that can occur with clutch actuator cylinders is internal air leaks, which can prevent the cylinder from functioning properly. When this happens, the clutch may not engage or disengage as intended, causing further damage to the clutch system and potentially requiring a tow.

    That's why it's important to invest in a high-quality clutch actuator cylinder, like the one we offer, to ensure reliable and efficient performance. Our clutch actuator cylinder is designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty use and provide reliable, long-lasting performance.

    We understand that reliability and efficiency are key when it comes to truck parts, which is why we have made it our mission to provide our customers with only the best quality products. Our clutch actuator cylinder is built to last and is guaranteed to perform to your highest expectations. So why wait? Order now and experience the difference for yourself.

    The clutch actuator cylinder is a critical component in a semi truck's clutch system, designed to convert electrical signals and air pressure into mechanical force that engages and disengages the clutch.

    The system operates as follows: When the brake pedal is depressed and a gear is selected or when it is commanded to shift gears while driving, a 12V electrical signal is sent to the clutch actuator cylinder via the actuator solenoid. The electrical signal activates an internal valve within the cylinder, which then allows pressurized air to enter the cylinder from the air supply system.

    The incoming air pressure within the clutch actuator cylinder creates a mechanical force that pushes against the clutch throw-out bearing, disengaging the clutch. When the shift is completed, the electrical signal to the clutch actuator cylinder is cut off, and the solenoid valve closes, preventing further air from entering the cylinder.

    As a result, the air pressure within the cylinder is released, and the clutch actuator cylinder's internal air piston returns to its original position, re-engaging the clutch.

    Overall, the clutch actuator cylinder system utilizes both 12V electrical signals and air pressure to engage and disengage the clutch, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your semi truck. By working in unison with other critical components in the clutch system, the clutch actuator cylinder ensures smooth operation and efficient power transfer, making it an essential component for any semi truck driver.


    • Detroit DD13
    • Detroit DD15
    • Detroit DD16


    • 2013-2023+ Freightliner Cascadia
    • 026-015-047
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