Shock Absorber | Peterbilt C71-1017 - Gabriel 85069 | FleetRun FR-SPSN534


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-SPSN534

Cross Reference Part Numbers

  • Paccar: C71-1017 / C71-1011
  • Peterbilt: 03-08781
  • Gabriel: 85069 / 83136 / 85705 / 89447 / 89455
  • Automann: A85069


    • Extended Length: 26.28 in.
    • Collapsed Length: 15.94 in.
    • Stroke Length: 10.34 in.
    • Bore: 1.625 in.
    • Rebound: 762 lbs.
    • Compression: 255 lbs.
    • Oil Filled Shock (NOT Gas)
    • Upper Mounting: S21
    • Lower Mounting: S21
    • Dust Tube: YES
    • Recoil Cutoff: YES

    Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

    Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

    Shock Absorber | Peterbilt C71-1017 - Gabriel 85069 

    Experience an Unparalleled Ride with the Ultimate Shock Absorber - FleetRun FR-SPSN534!

    Upgrade your commercial vehicle's suspension system to an exceptional level of performance with our cutting-edge Shock Absorber. This exceptional component takes command of spring movement, ensuring that your tires stay firmly in touch with the road surface. From the longevity of your tire's life to improved braking, operator comfort, and the overall well-being of related systems, our Shock Absorber is an indispensable player that requires regular attention and professional care.

    Crafted for Excellence: Our Shock Absorber isn't just another part; it's the heart of superior suspension control. Its precision design greatly impacts tire wear, braking efficiency, operator comfort, and the lifespan of interconnected systems. Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to unleash its full potential.

    Engineered Seal Mastery: • Exudes remarkable wear, impact, and pressure resistance • Boasts a Nitrile double lip design that meticulously seals, surpassing even the performance of triple lip seals • Features a supplementary cushion beneath the guider to ensure longer-lasting product life

    Masterful Metal Stamping & Rugged Tube Material: • Expertly forged from superior steel with minimal tolerances and optimal wall thickness • Ensures a stable environment for the piston, contributing to its robustness

    Enhanced Piston Rod: • Crafted through a meticulous 42-step process, resulting in a chromed piston rod without microcracks • Tolerance in piston diameter is maintained to an impressive 0.0004" • Achieves hardness levels of 45-55 HRC post quenching and chromed plating, significantly boosting corrosion resistance

    Cutting-Edge Valve System: • Incorporates a proprietary, patented technology for durability and stability • Employs a 2-way piston and compression valve design, surpassing the performance of 1-way valves for superior damping force control • Enhanced stopper assembly provides ample space for fine-tuning damping force and stability, granting you impeccable control • Advanced powder metal design optimizes tolerances and impact resistance, ensuring exceptional oil sealing and prolonged life

    Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Piston Valve Wear Ring: • Engineered for durability even in high wear and temperature conditions

    With FREE SHIPPING on the table, feel the FleetRun Difference:

    Transform your driving experience with FleetRun's Shock Absorber. Elevate ride comfort, stability, and system longevity, ensuring your heavy-duty truck performs optimally. Whether you're behind the wheel of a Kenworth or Peterbilt semi truck, our Shock Absorber guarantees a smoother journey.

    Experience the power of superior quality and performance, turning every road into a journey worth savoring.

    Please ensure compatibility with your vehicle model prior to purchase. Upgrade your suspension system today and experience smoother rides and exceptional control with FleetRun's premier Shock Absorber.

    • Kenworth T270
    • Kenworth T370
    • Kenworth T660
    • Kenworth T680
    • Kenworth T800
    • Kenworth T880
    • Kenworth W900B
    • Kenworth W900L
    • Peterbilt 367
    • Peterbilt 330
    • Peterbilt 335
    • Peterbilt 337
    • Peterbilt 357
    • Peterbilt 362
    • Peterbilt 365
    • Peterbilt 378
    • Peterbilt 379
    • Peterbilt 382
    • Peterbilt 384
    • Peterbilt 385
    • Peterbilt 386
    • Peterbilt 387
    • Peterbilt 388
    • Peterbilt 389
    • Peterbilt 567
    • Peterbilt 579
    • Peterbilt 587
    • 016-008-003
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    Signs of Failing Shock Absorbers

    1. Uneven tire wear: If the shock absorbers are not functioning properly, the tires may wear unevenly.
    2. Increased bounce: If the shock absorbers are worn out, the truck or trailer may exhibit increased bounce or oscillation when driving over rough roads, bumps or when braking suddenly.
    3. Difficulty steering: Worn shock absorbers can make it more difficult to steer the vehicle, especially at higher speeds.
    4. Poor handling: Failed shock absorbers can cause the truck or trailer to handle poorly, making it difficult to control the vehicle.
    5. Excessive body roll: If the shock absorbers are not functioning properly, the vehicle may exhibit excessive body roll when turning or cornering.

    Can bad shocks ruin tires?

    Yes, failing shock absorbers can cause the tires to wear unevenly or prematurely, leading to the need for costly tire replacements.
    Check out our full blog article here: Signs, Troubleshooting & Consequences of Failing Shock Absorbers on your Semi Truck & Trailer