Shock Absorber | Volvo 20485633 ~ Gabriel Fleetline 85933 | FleetRun FR-SPSN558


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Part Number

  • FleetRun: FR-SPSN558

Cross Reference Part Number

  • Volvo: 20485633 / 21137330 / 64838001 / 64838002
  • Mack: 14QK422M / 14QK0422M
  • Hendrickson: 64838-002L / 64848002 / 648383L / 648382L / 64838026 / 64838003L / 64838003 / 64838002L / 64838002 / 64838001
  • Gabriel Fleetline: 85933 / 89454
  • Automann: A85933 / A89454
  • Meritor: TDAM85933
  • Euclid: E14009
  • TRP: HS85933
  • Haldex: SA65494
  • ZF: 315415SAC / 315598SAC
  • Misc. Industry Part Number: ZX101660057 / ZC170395


  • Extended Length: 18.23 in.
  • Collapsed Length: 12.71 in.
  • Stroke Length: 5.52 in.
  • Bore: 1.625 in.
  • Upper Mounting: ES175
  • Lower Mounting: ES175
  • Rebound: 1089 lbs.
  • Compression: 383 lbs.
  • Designed With A Dust Tube
  • Incorporated Recoil Cutoff Design

Please note: this is an aftermarket part, the use of other manufacturer's names, part numbers or trademarks is for informational purposes only.

Please verify OEM part numbers before purchasing, FleetRun assumes no liability related to product use and fitment.

Shock Absorbers are key components to a tractor / truck's & trailer / dollies suspension system, they may also be universal or specific the year, make and model of the application. Shock Absorbers control spring movement that assists in keeping your tires in contact with the road. They are critical suspension components that can affect tire wear, braking, comfort of operator and the overall life of other related systems. Shocks should be a part of a routine inspection and tested by a repair technician during maintenance. Our shock absorbers are made with quality in mind, meeting or exceeding OEM standards.

Double Lip Oil Seal Design:
• High wear, impact & pressure resistant
• Precision controlled Nitrile double lip structure process produces leakproof radial seal better than triple lip
• Added cushion below guider prevents striking the piston directly & leads to longer product lift

High Precision Metal Stamping & Tube material:
• Extra Strength! Quality steel with close tolerances & maximized cross sectional wall thickness. Results in a stable work environment for the piston

Piston Rod:
• 42 manufacturing processes to produce microcrack free chrome plated piston rod
• Tolerance of piston diameter < 0.0004 in.
• Hardness held to 45-55 HRC after quench & chromed plating, improving corrosion resistance

Proprietary Valve System:
• Durable, stable, high quality, patented technology
• Piston & compression valve use 2-way structure design, damping force control is better than 1-way valve
• Improved stopper assembly provides valve block, plate & throttle slice position more space for adjusting damping force & stability
• Integrated proprietary powder metal design improve tolerances & impact resistance allowing for superior oil sealing between components & longer life

Carbon Fiber Wear Ring on the Piston Valve:
• High wear & temperature resistant material

  • 016-003-001
  • For other information such as tips and tricks or troubleshooting from technicians and shops visit our Shop Talk page from our menu
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